Most people want a luscious thick green lawn because it enhances the look of the property. Often a healthy looking lawn helps to increase the value of their home.
                  At Nova we also understand the importance of having a safe environment for your loved ones to enjoy.
Thats why we install the safest products on the
market. We try to use as little chemical as possible by incorporating natural procedures such as lawn thatching, lawn aeration and using the proper seeds.
However if a problem arises, we are experts in  diagnosting  the problem and properly correcting it. Applying an application too early or  too late will reduce the effectiveness of application. We make sure all applications are done using the most safe and effective product and applied at the right time.
Our most effective program is as follows: 
                                       Lawn fertilization Spring / Summer / Fall
                                       Crabgrass prevention Early Spring / Late Spring
                                       Broadleaf weed control Spring / Summer
                                       Insect control when insects are present
                                       Lime application Late Fall ( to balance ph level
                                                                                     of lawn ).
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